I Fall Cover

New music: I Fall

The Stranger In Disguise releases live piano version of new song "I Fall" Sometimes you know you're at the right place at the right time, with the right person. "I Fall" is about being there. This little song was recorded...
My bird has flown album

New album out May 18th

The Stranger In Disguise release full acoustic driven album Friday 18th. The album includes new versions of songs like Please Stay and Cornerstone + 10 brand new songs. His wife and daughter contributes on this first TSID full album released recorded...
The Stranger In Disguise - Cornerstone

Cornerstone – sheds light on homeless children

The song "Cornerstone" is my contribution to shed light on the issue I saw this little girl, freezing cold, all alone and I felt like writing a song. She looked scared and terrified. There are so many children on the...
About The stranger in diguise

The Story about TSID

This is the story about TSID and where I am going from here. The project was first started in 2015, but due to other band projects, there was less time to focus on this. The song "Please Stay" was released...
Kinky Friedman quote

Well said…

Kinky Friedman once said; "Musicians can run this state better than politicians. We won't get a lot done in the mornings, but we'll work late, and be honest" - Still applicable isn't it?
The Stranger in Disguise

..the journey starts here..

It took some time to get this project up and running. I have been working on other band projects the last couple of years, and didn't find time to do this 100%. Finally I am in a place where I can...
The Stranger In Disguise - Please Stayvideo

Please Stay Video

The Stranger In Disguise - Please Stay

Please Stay

Please Stay is the stranger in disguise debut single... It is recorded and produced in home studio more or less live with a Boss RC-30 Loopstation and standard tuning. Please Stay is mastered in Cutting Room - Sweden. Genre...